Invite a new Owner to my workspace

Invite new Owner

The quickest way to invite a new Owner to your Sametab workspace is to click on the top left side bar menu, then click the menu voice Invite people.

Make sure you fill in the Invitee full name, email and the groups he/she should belong to. If the user won’t belong to any groups, just leave the Add to group dropdown emppty.

Select from the option below the role Owner and hit the blue Invite button.

The person will be notified with an invitation email from you.

You’ll see a new member in the People section, with the Status of Invited and Role of Owner. When the member will accept your invitation the status will switch from Invited to Active.

Upgrade member from User to `Owner

In the People section, search for the user you want to upgrade to Owner, click the Options (...) buttons, then Edit profile. Select the role Owner from the dialog, then hit the blue Save changes button. You’re done!

Learn more here about Owner permissions.