How to deploy Sametab with Google Apps for business

If your organization use Google Apps for business, you can automatically install (or force-install) specific Chrome extensions for users in your organization. Users see these apps and extensions in their Chrome Browser, or on devices running Chrome OS, when they’re signed in to a managed Google Account, such as G Suite. Here what you need to do in order to install Sametab globally across your organization in less than 1 minute. Read on and follow exactly the listed steps below.

Step 1

Access to the admin section of your Google Suite.

sametab-google-suite-step-1 small-img

Step 2

Click on the “Device management” panel.

shadow-sametab-google-suite-step-2 small-img

Step 3

Now click on the left menu, “Chrome management”.

shadow-sametab-google-suite-step-3 small-img

Step 4

Now, select “App management”.

shadow-sametab-google-suite-step-4 small-img small-img

Step 5

Search – on the left menu – for the app Sametab in the Chrome app store. Once you find it, select it.

shadow-sametab-google-suite-step-5 small-img

Force the installation

Go to “Users settings”, select your organization and then toggle the “Force installation” parameter. Eventually, save the configuration.

shadow-sametab-google-suite-step-6 small-img

This will deploy in less than a few minutes the Sametab chrome extension on Chrome across the devices of all your organization. 

Make sure it has been installed correctly

To make sure it has been installed correctly by the organization, click this link chrome://extensions/ and then select the Sametab Chrome extension. You should see – like in the screenshot below – that the app has been installed by “enterprise policy”. 

shadow-sametab-google-suite-step-7 small-img

Now every member in your organization will see their Sametab New Tab when they open a new Chrome browser tab. You’ll have to make sure they sign-in with their company email address to get in and read the announcements in your workspace. Read these guides to learn more about user onboarding.