Account Profile

Jump to..

Account Profile → Profile Settings

Account Profile → Security

Profile Settings

Click on the left menu icon, and then to Profile & account.


To upload your profile picutre you can click either on the picture or the Upload your photo button. Jpg/png/gif with a size <500kb are fine with us.

Full Name

Make sure you are using your real full name and people in your workspace are able to identify you by it.

Job title

This should reflect your current role at your company.

Twitter handle

A twitter handle to let others know more about you outside of your workplace. (It’s optional).


A third-person pronoun people should use when referring to you (he/him). Optional but recommended.

About you

A few words about yourself.

Time zone

The timezone you’re currently working from. Sametab prefills this field for you based on your browser local time zone, make sure you change if it’s not accurate or you do change working time zone permanently.

Remember! If you want to sign up with email and password you have to verify your email before your account is officially created.


Click on the security tab to get yourself a new password. If you are still logged in but don’t remember the current password, you can always log out and reset it.