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Browser Extension Overview

The Sametab Browser Extension will change your browser’s new tab. It will make your browser’ new tab dynamic, so that when there’s a new important company-wide or team-wide news, you will see it when opening a new tab.

Rather than having your team members pulling information from a third-party product or website, Sametab (through its browser extension) allows you to seamlessly push information where your team members already are before they start any kind of activity in their browser: their new tab.

How it works

Workspace Admins and Workspace Owners are the ones who have writing permissions. They are allowed by the system to publish announcements on Sametab.

When they publish a new announcement, Sametab automatically delivers the message to everyone’s browser new tab. Tipically this operation is completed in under a minute.

People interact with a new announcement by clicking on the card that will pop up in their browser new tab. When they click it, they will be redirected to their Sametab company workspaces so they will be able to read the announcement and (in case you required it) mark it as read.

Announcements that need to be Marked as Read ✅

Some announcements will require your readers’ acknowledgment. Those announcemements will sit on your team’s browser new tab until they get marked as read by the recipients. (See more about the Read event)

Those announcements are going to be removed from the new tab only when the recipient mark it as read.

Announcements that don’t need to be Marked as Read 👁️

For some announcements you won’t require your readers’ acknowledgment. Those announcements will stay on your team’s browser new tab until they’re viewed (See more about the View event).

When they click and view the announcement Sametab removes them from their new tab. No further interaction is required from your users.

New Tab States

  1. Empty browser’s new tab

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

  1. Browser’s new tab with one or more announcements

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

How to deploy the Chrome Extension on your team members devices?

This operation is typically done during the onboarding phase.

If you’re just interested in the Deploy phase, check out this quick tutorial we made to let you deploy the Sameta Chrome Extenion to everyone in your Company or Department using Google App for Bbusiness.

Cross browser compability

Browser name Support
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox Planned fall 2019
Microsoft Edge Planned fall 2019


  1. Can I force the installation of the Chrome Extension in my team?

    Sure but you’ll need to use Google App for Business or a MDM automated deploy system. Read our guide to learn more about the subject.

  2. Can I use Sametab without the Chrome Extension?

    While we recommend to use Sametab with the Chrome Extension, you can definitely use Sametab even without the Chrome Extension.

  3. Beside announcement, for what else is useful your browser extension?

    Time zones, bookmarks, quotes and more.

  4. If I don’t pay for Sametab will my browser extension will be less empowered?

    No. You’re going to have less funcinalities on the Adim side. You’re Chrome Browser Extension will keep all the major funcionalities. Check out our pricing page for more.

  5. What if in my team there are people that aren’t using Chrome as their default browser?

    We planned to cover all the major browsers. Check out our Cross browser compability section to see when we planned the other release.

    That beings said, you can still adopt Sametab. Sametab will work just fine even if you’re not using the Browser Extension.

Not using Sametab yet? Get your free account here. 👈