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Guide for Sametab user

So, your organization is trialing or adopting Sametab but you never heard of it and you’re not sure where to start.

We created this guide to help you getting started and walk you through the basics of Sametab.

First, what’s Sametab?

Sametab is a lightweight way to broadcast important communications within your organization. We designed Sametab to help you stay up-to-date on the most important decisions, updates and company news.

Think of it like a way for you to understand the context around decisions, priorities and really connect with the leadership team in your organization. Unlike chat-tools or emails, Sametab has a high Signal-to-Noise ratio: everything you’ll read on it, it’s likely to be extremely relevant to you or your business.

Second, how it works?

News, decisions, priorities and updates will be delivered seamlessly to your browser’s new tab under the form of Sametab Announcements. This will bring some sanity to your email inbox sparing you infinite email chains and it’ll help you avoid getting distracted in noisy chat conversations. Managers and leaders will be the ones in charged of keeping Sametab up to date.

Relax and let’s get started…

Getting started with Sametab

Your Sametab experience will start when you claim your personal account. In fact, every team member of your organization will have his own personal account.

Depending on which way your company decided to onboard team members, you might have different ways to claim your accounts.

Don’t worry, here we listed all the four existing possibilities:

  1. Getting started from the Sametab Chrome Extension

    This is the most popular way to onboard team members in Sametab. Your managers already installed the Sametab Chrome Extension for you using Google App for Business and our handy guide.

    When you open your Chrome brower new tab you should see the Log in page below.

    invite-to-sametab small-img

    Since you don’t have an account yet, you have to create a new one.

    invite-to-sametab small-img

    Click “Sign up first” below the form and you’ll be redirected to our main sign up flow.

    Keep in mind! Sametab users are automatically included in the their company workspace based on the email domain address they use in sign up phase. Make sure you authenticate with your company email.

    Once you complete the sign up process, you’re done! All you have to do is just open a new tab and you’ll be automatically logged in your brand new company’s New Tab.

    You’re ready to go to the next step.

  2. Getting Started from the Standard Invitation Email

    You have received an email invitation in your Inbox that looks like the one below. That means that a Sametab Admin in your organization invited you to join the company workspace.

    invite-to-sametab tiny-img

    Follow directions briefly explained in the Email to claim your account.

    • Click on the Email button “Accept invite”
    • Follow the onboarding process
    • You’re in! Open a new tab and you’ll see your company/team contet on Sametab
    • You’re ready to go to the next step.
  3. Getting Started from the Custom Email Invitation

    You have received a custom email invitation sent from the Sametab Team in your Inbox that looks like the one below. That means that our team worked closely with one of the leaders in your company to succesfully set up your company workspace.

    invite-to-sametab less-small-img

    In the email you’ll find precise instructions on how to access your Sametab account.

    Tip! The account has already been created for you. You don’t need to create a new one from the standard signup page.

    Follow the steps explained in the email:

    • Download the Chrome Extension as per instructions
    • Open a new tab and sign in with your temporary credentials
    • Make sure you change your password right after you logged in for security reasons
    • You’re ready to go to the next step.
  4. Getting Started from the Standard sign-up page

    You might had received an general Email or a Slack message sent from one of your managers or leaders in your company about Sametab as a new way to communicate important things internally.

    To be part of Sametab, all you have to do is going in the our public sign-up page and get an account. Sametab will automatically include you in your company workspace.

    Tip! We use email address domain (eg. to verify you’re actually part of the organization. Make sure you use your corporate email. Free Email providers (ie.,, etc) aren’t allowed in Sametab.

Fill out your Profile information

Now that you have your own Sametab account, makes sure it looks good. In the onboarding phase you had the opportunity to fill out some personal details, like role, timezones and twitter handle.

Setting up your profile makes it easier for your colleagues to mention you (@jack) in Sametab Announcements.

When people hover your name, they’ll see a bunch of helpful information to learn context about who you are.

name-announcement-card less-small-img

Check out this guide to learn how to edit your Account Profile.

Learn about your browser’s New Tab

The Sametab Browser Extension modifies your browser’s New Tab layout. In this section we’ll walk you through the major core aspects of your New Tab experience and what you can expect from it.

  1. Time Zones

    Time zones are displayed in the top-right corner of your new tab. Time zones help you keep track where other people in your team are and when they are available. Time zones are controlled by your workspace admin. If you have suggestions, you can get in touch directly with a Sametab Owner/Admin.

    shadow-sametab-timezones small-img

  2. Pinned Bookmarks

    Pinned Bookmarks are displayed on the right side of your new tab. Pinned bookmarks display the most important resources of your team, department or organization. Pinned bookmarks are usually used for shared calendars, quick meeting links, relevant internals docs or resources.

    shadow-sametab-bookmarks small-img

  3. The centered search bar is where you can search across all your company bookmarks and your local bookmarks.

    shadow-search-sametab small-img


    Sametab supports custom quotes. They belong to your organization only.

    shadow-search-sametab small-img

  5. Sametab shortcuts

    On the top left menu in your New Tab you have a handy shortcut to redirect you to the Sametab Web application.

    You can either click it or just press A to go straight to the Sametab Announcement section.

    sametab-shortcut tiny-img

  6. Customize your new tab

    You are free to customize your new tab.

    search-sametab tiny-img

    Just click the cog icon at the bottom right of your new tab page and select one of the following themes:

Themes Description
Default Available (v. 2.3 browser extension) ✅
Google Chrome Theme (light mode) Available (v. 2.3 browser extension) ✅
Google Chrome Theme (dark mode) Available (v. 2.3 browser extension) ✅
Wallpaper Available (v. 2.3 browser extension) ✅


Announcements are displayed in overlay over your browser New Tab. When you click on an announcement you’ll be redirected to the the Sametab announcement’s page.

  1. Announcements with Acknowledge required

    Some announcement require your acknowledge. This means that the author explicitly enabled the request for read acknowledge. Announcements that require your acknowledge will persist on your browser new tab until you’ll mark them as read.

    request-ack-announcement less-small-img (../static/images/getting-started/request-ack.png)

    Announcements with acknowledge required are usually used for high priority messages. Make sure you pay extra attention to them.

  2. Announcements with no acknowledge required

    Most of the announcement actually won’t require your read confirmation. Announcement with regular, non-urgent content won’t require your mark as read.

    Announcements with no acknowledge required are still displayed on your new tab, but they will be removed from there as soon as you open/click the announcement. No further action is required on your side.

  3. React with Emojis

    After you’ve read an announcement you can react with an emoji. Hover the reaction to see all the reactions that people in your team left.

    request-ack-announcement less-small-img (../static/images/getting-started/reactions.png)

    Tip! If the author requested your acknowledge, you’ll be able to react with an emoji reaction ionly after you “marked it as read”.

  4. Email Nudges Reminder

    Email nudges are friendly reminder that are delivered to your inbox directly from Sametab.

    request-ack-announcement less-small-img (../static/images/getting-started/email-nudge-template.png)

    If you are seeing an email nudge in your inbox it’s because you missed an announcement that required your acknowledge confirmation.

    You can mark as read the announcement without leaving your inbox. All you have to do is to click on the big green button “Mark as read” at the end of the email.

    request-ack-announcement less-small-img

    If you also missed the Email Nudge, three other Nudges will be delivered to your inbox.


Wow! You’ve made it all till here, congrats!

We designed Sametab as a way for you to have more context around updates, decisions, important issues. If you have feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out at

Not using Sametab yet? Get your free account here.