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Guide for Sametab admin

If you are a manager looking for to learn more about Sametab capabilities but you felt a bit overwhelmed this is the place for you to start. We’ve collected some of the most relevant links from our docs to help you get started with Sametab.

We created this guide to help you getting started and walk you through the basics of Sametab.

First, what’s Sametab?

Sametab is a lightweight way to broadcast important communications within your organization. We designed Sametab to help you keep your team up-to-date on the most important decisions, updates and company news.

Think of it like a way as context designer product. It’s what you use to give your team the context the need to understand decisions, priorities and really connect with the leadership team in your organization.

Second, how it works?

When you publish news, decisions, priorities and updates Sametab will share them seamlessly to all your team member’s browser’s new tab as Sametab Announcements. Sharing important team updates, news, and decisions alongside random chats just increases the likelihood it will scroll by without being noticed. It’s difficult for the team to know what matters, and leaders have no idea if anyone even heard what they said. Sametab will help your messages raise above the noise and make sure they will never get lost in the chit-chat.

Relax and let’s get started…

Basic configurations

You’ve made it all down here. Now comes the funny part. In this section you’ll learn the basic configuration of Sametab.

1. New Tab:

Learn about the Browser Extension

Learn about theming

Configure your company themes

Learn about time zones

Configure your company time zones

Learn about quotes

Configure your company quotes

Learn about bookmarks

Configure your company bookmarks

2. User groups:

What are groups

Manage groups

3. Announcements:

How announcements work

Lern about request for readk acknowledge

Lern about email nudges

4. Admin

Learn about roles and permissions

Manage people

Manage groups

Onboard your team on Sametab

We’ve extensively wrote about how you can onboard your team or your company on Sametab.

Quick Launch guide to learn all about user onboarding on Sametab.

Not using Sametab yet? Get your free account here.