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Schedule announcements

Scheduled announcements are announcements that you write now and Sametab publishes later on a pre-selected date.

Here’s when you want to use them:

  1. You’re working on a team communication at late night. You don’t want to send it right away and disturb people, but you also don’t want to forget to send it the next day.
  2. You have people distributed across multiple time zones and you want to make sure they receive your messages in their working hours. You schedule it to be sent on a time that’ s good for everyone.
  3. There’s an event on a certain date and don’t want to forget to say something before it happens.

Scheduled announcement it’s not something that you will use on a day-to-day basis, but you’ll see how it comes pretty useful once you’re using Sametab pretty extensively.

How to Enable Schedules Announcement

You can schedule an announcement when you’re in editing mode.

The default publishing date is set to Immediataly (aka no schedule enabled), but when you click it on the Immediataly label it displays a dropdown with all the possibile (only future) dates.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

When you select a future publishing date the Publish button a the top will switch in Schedule

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

Once pressed, the confirmation dialog will recap the recipients and the schedule date.

You will find all your Schedule announcements in the Schedule section.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

How to Reschedule Announcement

As long as your scheduled announcement has not yet been published yet you can edit and reschedule at another time. But keep in mind, once an announcement has been published you can’t edit or re-schedule it anymore.


  1. Does the schedule feature take into account people’s time zones?

    This is not possibile at the time but we are considering it as viable feature in the near future.

  2. Can I un-schedule an announcement?

    Yes, as you can un-schedule an announcement and decide to publish immediatly.

  3. Can I re-schedule an announcement?

    Yes, you can always re-schedule an announcement as long as it has not been published yet. In that case we do recommend to remove it and schedule a new one.

  4. Can I delete a scheduled announcement?

    Yes, scheduled announcements can be delete like any other announcement.

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