Nudge Now

Your audience is busy (if not overwhelmed) by their own work. In the age of information abundance and distractions, it’s easier than ever to forget to read specific emails or announcements.

That’s why we built Email Nudges in the first place. If you some communications get missed in the shuffle, Sametab will send “nudges” as friendly reminders.

Nudges are sent through simple email notifications.

Sametab used to send 3 Email Nudges. The Nudge Now button allows you to send – if necessary – an additional new nudge directly from the Sametab web application.

Tip! You can send an additional nudge after the 3 regular nudges have been fired from Sametab. However, we are working to further extend the flexibility of the Nudge feature.

All you have to do is click on the Nudge Now button. If you want you can refine the list of people that didn’t mark as read your announcement.

When ready, just click Nudge Now.

Sametab will send friendly emails on your behalf to those users who missed in the shuffle your message.

Tip! After firing an additional email nudge, we prevent you to send another one for 24 hours.

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