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Groups overview

Groups allow you to send different announcements to a different set of people. Think of Sametab Groups like Email Alias (,,, etc). We do recommend you to have a group for each company function, team or department. That’ll make very easy for you to streamline news, updates and decisions relevant to those units only.

How to create a new group?

Click on the top side menu of, then head to “Administration” and from there click “Manage groups”.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img (../static/images/features/create-groups-menu.png)

Only Sametab Admins & Owners can see this settings. The rest of the users won’t be able to navigate through the adminisation.

You will be brought to the specific Group section in the Admin Area.

Click on Create Group to create a new group.

You have to specify the Group Name and the Group Members.

Select the members you want to join the group from your organization workspace. You can type to search members by first name, last name or email.

The Group Name is what you will have to select from the Announcement Editor when sending a new announcement.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

How to edit an existing group?

To edit an existing group all you have to do is click the option button and click the label Edit group. You’ll be brought to the same dialog that you have used to create it.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

You can edit both the group name and its member.

Tip! Sametab groups are a dynamic version of email alias (, etc). When you remove a user from one group he won’t be able to see anymore the communication you sent him/her thourgh that group. If the users clicked or acknoledge your message you will still be able to retain all the information for the specific announcement.

How to delete or edit groups?

To delete or edit existing groups, click on the three dots and select the desired option.


  1. If I delete an existing group will I lose all the announcement?

    No. When you delete a group you a removing a reference to a groups of people in your workspace. That doesn’t mean that you will lose the content that you alredy sent. The content will be searchable and avaibale to you (data and analytics included). You won’t be able to send new communications to that team.

    An example when you may might delete a group is when the whole unit has been merged to another department and you don’t need anymore two separate way to communicate with them.

  2. Can I merge two groups?

    No. This option isn’t available at this time.

  3. Can I import the people from one group to another?

    No. This option isn’t available at this time.

  4. Can I see groups based analytics?

    Yes. For each announcement that you send you can see the aggregated data about each group. Check out this analytics section to learn more.

  5. Can I send communications to multiple groups at the same time?

    Yes. You can simply select one or more groups from the dropdown.

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