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Reactions overview

Recipients will be able to quickly respond with an emoji reaction. Reactions can be used for any purpose: voting, checking off to-do items, showing excitement — and just for fun. Sametab reactions provides the quickest and most immediate way for you to get a sentiment of your message.

How to enable reactions

You can enable reactions from the editor right before you publish the announcement. All you have to do to enable them is to toggle the Emoji Reaction label.

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Tell me more

People will add a +1 with a simple click on the reaction. Everyone who has access to the same announcement will be able to see the gloabl counter and by hovering see specifically who reacted.

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  1. Can I enable reactions after I published the announcement?

    No, emoji reactions like any all other options aren’t editable after the announcement has been published.

  2. How do I see who reacted to my announcement?

    Hover the rections you want to explore and you’ll see who left a +1.

  3. Can users remove a reaction?

    Yes, click the icon to add a +1, click it again to remove it.

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