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Email Nudge Overview

Nudges are simple email reminders that will be automatically sent on your behalf by Sametab. Nudges are sent to all recipients who didn’t read a specific announcement or – in case the author is requesting their acknowledge — they read it but didn’t marked it as read.

Enabling the request for acknoledge

You can enable Email Nudges from the editor right before you publish an announcement. All you have to do to enable them is to toggle the Email Nudges label.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

Tip: Email Nudges are available to you only if you request the acknowledge confirmation. Email Nudges should be used to very important communications only.

How it works

The Basics

Every 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours since the announcement’s publish date, Sametab checks who are the recipients who are still missing out. Sametab will send a total of 3 nudges to the work email address of the users who missed the message.

How does the email reminder look like?

It’s a very straightforward email template.

write-new-sametab-announcement less-small-img

Your Email Nudge will include:

  • Announcement’s title and body
  • Announcement’s publish date
  • Announcement’s author
  • Visibility groups
  • Mark as Read button at the end of the email (shown below)

write-new-sametab-announcement less-small-img

Unified events

Email Nudges are tied to Sametab standard events of Views and Read. This means that Sametab takes automatically into account every key interactions your users have from their Inbox (whether from Mobile or Desktop).

Suppose that a member of your team that for any reason missed an announcement you sent. If you enabled the Email Nudges he will receive an email nudge 24 hours later. When he clicks and open that email from his inbox Sametab counts that interaction as an Open event just like it was opened from the new tab.

write-new-sametab-announcement tiny-img

Sametab automatically aggregates those data for you so that you know that the Analytics box has always the lestest and most updated data.

When a team member clicks on Mark as Read from the inbox, Sametab immediately records a Read event. The user is succesfully taken to a splash page that notifies him of the successful action.

If for some reason the users had already marked that announcement as read from the web application, this is what we display.

When users mark as read an announcement from their inbox (just like you would expect) the announcement will be removed seamlessly from both the new tab and the unread section.

Proper use of Email Nudges

Email Nudges are a powerful way to make sure no one is left behind. Since we’re going to send email to your users on your behalf we recommend you to use them for mandatory or very important things.

A few examples where you want to use them:

  • A new fundamental change in your company policy
  • A report that everyone needs to be aligned on
  • Company or team goals of the month/quarter/year

A few examples where you do not want to use them:

  • Celebration of a company milestone
  • Shout-out to an employee promotion to an employee’s promotion
  • Meeting summaries notes
  • Minor product updates or change in the roadmap


  1. Can I disable nudge for announcements that are a low priority?

    When you are creating a new announcement you will see the Nudges’ toggle.

  2. Can I activate Email Nudges after I published the announcement?

    Once an announcement has been published, you can’t go back and activate nudges later.

  3. If I don’t activate Email Nudge, does Sametab send any other type of Email Reminder?

    No. Sametab do not send any type of email on your behlaf to your users other than Email Nudges.

  4. How do I see how many nudges the recipients of an announcement received?

    You’ll see a little box below the recipient box called “Nudges”. This will help you keep track of how many nudges have already been sent out and to how many people.

    write-new-sametab-announcement tiny-img

  5. Can I activate Email Nudge on announcements that don’t require to be marked as read?

    Not at this time.

  6. Can I customize the interval or add more Email Nudges?

    No. At this time interval between email nudges isn’t configurable. Nudges are sent in the the following order. The first will be sent to those who didn’t acknowledge your announcement in the next 24 hours since you published the announcement. The second email nudge will be sent in 48 hours since the first nudge was sent. The third nudge will be sent in 72 hours hours since the second nudge was delivered.

  7. Can I add more than 3 nudges in case I still see people who didn’t acknowledge?

    Yes. 7 days after the publish date of the announcement, Sametab will send an email to the Author of the announcement. The author will be able to see:

    • Snapshot of the announcement she/he published
    • Analytics: % of the recipients that acknowledged and who just opened it
    • Who’s missing out: a full list of users that never opened or opened but never acknowledged
    • The manager can Request Acknowledge just by clicking a button in the email (no further actions are needed). This will automatically trigger a new (fourth) nudge to all those who missed the announcement.

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