Browser Notifications

Sametab keeps everyone in your company informed about things that matter. Now you can activate Browser Notifications to spread your messages even faster.

How notifications work

When you write an announcement, under the “Options” menu you will see a Browser Notification label. By enabling it you will notify with a browser notification the end-receivers when your messages will be published.

The Browser Notification will contain a blurb of the announcement you just published, including a blurb of the title and the description.

If users will click the notifications, they will be brought to the announcement page on the Sametab web product.

If you didn’t enable the “Request for Read Acknowledged” option on the announcement, once the notification has been clicked and the announcement read, Sametab will automatically remove the announcement from the user’s browser new tab.

On the other hand, if you did enable the “Request for Read Acknowledged” option on the announcement, the announcement will persist on the new tab until users will mark it as read.

Configure your notifications

Browser notifications can be activated by admins and owners. Users can’t deactivate browser notification.

The default desktop notifications are automatically enabled as soon as you join your organization on Sametab.

Troubleshooting notifications

If you think your browser notifications are stuck, delayed, or not showing up at all, just send us a note at and we will look into it!

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