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Announcements overview

An announcement is what you can share on Sametab!

Announcement can be company news, team updates, decisions or stories that nobody in your organization should miss. These messages are what allow you to stay in touch with your organization and be fully aligned on the most important things.

Let’s see here how to write and publish an announcemet from start to finish on Sametab.


To create a new announcement click on the New Announcement button at the bottom right of any page.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

You will be redirected to our editor area.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

A few thought starters here:

  1. This is the area where you will write all your announcements
  2. This is also where you will customize the scope visbility of your messages
  3. This is where you will enable/disable additional options (we’ll see all of them in this section)


Before you get started writing your message, we recommend you to check out our shortcuts. On the long run that’ll save you a lot of time and will make you more productive.

Click on the bottom right corner keybord icon:

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

… skim through the most important shortcuts:

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

Tip! We do support markdown syntax. You can either leverage our formatting shortcuts (cmd+b, cmd+i, cmd+u, etc) or the standard markdown syntax.

Okay! It’s time to start writing.

We designed the editor from the ground-up to empower you to create announcements in the easiest and most delightful way.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

A few key points here that we think you should know:

  • Announcements always need a title and a body
  • There are no limits on how long or short an announcement should be as long as it is meaningful for your peers
  • Our editor supports both markdown syntax and visual highlithing
  • If you mention one of the member of your team (@leonardo) everyone will be able to see the profile in hover


To publish a new announcement you have to make sure to:

1. Set the scope visbility

Select the groups you’d like to share this announcement with. You can select one or multiple groups. If you have already created groups in your organizations (what are you waiting for? go here and create one)

Tip! Selecting Everyone it’s not the same of selecting all your groups. Everyone includes also people who are not included in any of your groups. But if all the user in your workspace are already part of at least one group, then there will be no difference in selecting Everyone or each indpendement group.

Keep in mind, Sametab groups work like Google Groups. Users have to be part of the group at the moment you share your announcement. If you add users after you published the announcement, they won’t be able to see what you posted.

Enable/Disable request for acknowledge

Are you writing something important? Something that you belive shoulw ask your team mark as read? Active the request for acknoledge.

You will be able to see exactly who acknoledged your message and when. Make sure no one is left behind on the important things.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

Want to learn more about request for acknowledege? Check out this section →.

Enable/Disable Email Nudges

Email nudges are friendly email reminders.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

Want to learn more about email nudges? Check out this section →.

Enable/Disable Emoji reactions 🌴🌴🌴

Recipients can quickly respond to announcement on Sametab with an emoji reaction. Reactions can be used for any purpose: voting, checking off to-do items, showing excitement — and just for fun. 😀

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

Want to learn more about emoji reactions? Check out this section →.


If you are not ready to publish announcement right away, there are two things that you can do:

  1. Save to your drafts

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

  1. Schedule the announcement

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

If you are finally ready to publish. When you’re about to publish an announcement we remind you who will be able to see it and when (in case you scheduled it).

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

If you confirm it, then we’ll be spreading out your announcement to all the people’s New Tab.

Tip! It takes about 1 min to distribute the announcement all your team member’s new tab. Don’t freack out if you don’t see popping-up right away. Just a matter of time. :)

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img


To do delete an announcemen all you have to do is to click the dropdown button in the announcement page select the delete option.

Tip! This can’t be reverse. Deleted announcements can’t be restored and you’ll lose analytics about it. We don’t recommend you to delete announcement.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img


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