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Request for read acknowledge

Full team alignment happens when everyone is on the same page. Inbox and chat tools don’t do anything to help us understand whether there’s someone who was left behind and missed some important thing. We built the Request for Read Acknoledge to let you know what part of your team is aligned and what part is missing out.

How to Enable it

You can enable the request for read confirmation before you publish an announcement when you’re in editing mode.

By default the request for acknowledge confirmation is activated. You can disable it by clicking the blue toggle as shown below.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

When the Request for read acknowledge is enabled, Sametab shows a preview from the editor so that you know how it will look like once you publish the announcement.

write-new-sametab-announcement small-img

When you publish an announcement with the request confirmation enabled a few things happen on the user’s side

  1. The announcements will remain on the recipients’ browser new tab until they click the mark as read button shown in the preview
  2. The announcement will also remain visibile until they mark it as read in the Unread section of the Sametab Web App
  3. A visible progress bar will tell you what’s the penetration of the announcement across your team
  4. The author of the announcement will receive in-depth analytics about who marked it as read and when
  5. When you allow the Request for Read Acknowledge you also are allowed to enable Email Nudges

Team members will click the mark as read button to acknowledge your messase and to remove the announcement from their new tab and their Unread section.

What if I don’t enable the Request for reack acknowledge

This is what happens when you publish an announcement without enabling the Request for read acknowledge:

  1. The announcements will still be visible on the recipients’ browser new tab but as soon as they click on it and read it form the web app, it will disaper from their new tab
  2. The visible progress bar will shift from showing the acknowledge rate to the open rate
  3. Sametab Managers will still be able to see analytics regarding who opened their message and when


  1. Can I remove the Request for reack acknowledge after I published an announcement?

    No. You can’t edit the options of an announcements after it has been published.

  2. Can I send an announcement to everyone and request the read acknowledge only for certain users?

    No. The Request for reack acknowledge is enabled by default for all the recipients and you can’t refine this option at this time.

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