Benefits of Sametab on a paid plan

Hooray! We’ve been expecting you.

Your Sametab account has been upgraded to the Pro Plan (or maybe someone on your team is considering doing so). We’d like to help you uncover all of the value and benefits of upgrading. Read on to learn more about the benefits of introducing Sametab Pro in your organization.

Why use Sametab on a paid plan? ✨

➡️ Unlimited announcements where no one can miss them

At Sametab we’ve been working on a completely new lightweight way to centralize and distribute important information in the workplace.

Sametab allows leaders to share company or team-wide announcements in the browser new tab of everyone. This allows your message to be distributed more quickly than emails and have higher and better coverage than real-time tools like Slack.

The Sametab Pro Plan ✨ gives you all the benefits of sharing unlimited announcements in the browser’s new tab of everyone in your departments.

➡️ Analytics to let you understand how and why

What gets measures get focus, and what gets focus gets fixed.

Wheter via email or via real-time chat tools, as of today, you’re likely to send out announcements and have no clue how actually people interact with them.

As a result it’s praticaly impossible to understand who is reading them, who is opening them, what they’re interested in, what they’re gaining from.

Sametab Pro Plan ✨ comes with a full suite of analytics features built to help you do just that.

➡️ Email Nudges to minimize the amount of re-expression needed for shared ideas

Your people are always busy (if not overwheled) by their own work. They just keep missing things and as a result you usually have to repeat things many times before everyone is aware.

Sametab Pro Plan ✨ comes with Email Nudges. Whenever you share a must-read announcement, Sametab works in background to see who actually sees and reads the message. Our technology automatically notifies those who missed the announcements with friendly email nudges. You are free to customize the sequence by adding or removing nudges.

➡️ Raise above the noise of real-time chat and cultivate thoughtfulness

In the age of Slack and fast-moving conversations, the lack of focus and clarity have become a huge problem in the workplace. Teams are hyper-connected throughout the day, and yet it’s become even more difficult to know what matters.

Sharing important team updates, news, and decisions alongside real-time chats just increases the likelihood they will scroll by without being noticed.

Moreover, quality work requires proper contextualization, which is something that real-time tools consistenty do not perform.

The Sametab Pro Plan ✨ comes with advanced features like browser notifications to help leaders rise above the noise of chat.

➡️ Reduce Email Fatigue and bring sanity back to your inboxes

Many of the teams on Sametab, use their inbox as the single most important channel to communicate with customers and people external to their organizations.

These are the teams who can benefit the most by keeping communications simple, centralized, and digestible in Sametab. Not only this does help them with internal communication relevant and easily visibile, but it helps as well in bringing sanity back to their inboxes.

The Sametab Pro Plan ✨ can help you team kill internal email bureocracy and restore sanity back in your workplace.

➡️ Obtain operational excellence by fostering a cuslture of alignement

Sametab has been the secret weapon for some of the best companies in the world to reach internal operational execellence by keeping their workforce highly aligned, and focused on the most important things.

As some of one of our customers said:

“I know if we stopped using Sametab today, communicating with our Customer Success Unit will reverse back to chaos.”

You can subscribe to Sametab Pro just by upgrading your account if you are already in the Sametab Pro Plan or by purchasing a new Sametab Subscription by clicking here.

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