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Organization workspace overview

A workspace is where:

  1. You manage existing people and invite new ones
  2. You handle individual roles and permissions
  3. You manage groups
  4. You manage your shared New Tab configurations

How workspaces work

When you create a new Sametab account for the first time we create a new workspace for you. If you are signing up with an Email Domain that’s already been locked down by an existing Organization in Sametab, you’ll be automatically included in that organization workspace.

Let’s make sure you understand how this works with this scenario:

  1. Bob works for a company named FounderHub. He found and decided to sign up for it with the company email

  2. In the sign up phase Sametab checks if there’s an existing organization workspace with an the same email domain associated. In this case, looks Bob is the first users at FounderHub to sign up for Sametab.

  3. Sametab then creates a new Organization Workspace with the Owner being and automatically adds the email domain to the Email Domain Lock-down list.

  4. While Bob is still trialing the product, for some reason Alice (a colleague of Bob that works in a whole different team at FounderHub) decides to sign up for Sametab.

  5. During Alice’s sign up phase, Sametab recognise that she’s signin up with an email already associated to an existing workspace and automatically includes her in the Organization Workspace that Bob had previously created.

  6. Why does this happen? Since Bob locked his email domain ( when he signed up, everyone that will sign up with the same email address domain will automatically be included in the same FounderHub workspace.

Bob will be able to invite as many people as he wants in his Organization workspace without inviting them manually. All he has to do is just give them the Sametab’s Sign up link and see people automatically joining the space.

Suppose that there are now more people than Bob expected across the FounderHub Workspace in Sametab and Bob wanted to use Sametab for his team only. He can easily create a group (for free) inside Sametab and communicate with his team only.

Everyone will share the same Workspace configuration (we’ll see it in just a moment) and the same New Tab configurations but each group will have different authors, different members, hence different announcements.

Workspace Basic Configurations

If it’s still a bit fuzzy, don’t worry that’s normal, but you’ll have a clear understand of how it works soon.

Now, let’s talk about workspace configuration. In order to get the most out of Sametab we recommend you to get through some basic configurations of your workspace.

Each Organization workspace needs its own logo. At first you’ll find our Sametab default logo. You can customize it from this section.

write-new-sametab-announcement tiny-img

Your workspace logo will be used in your Email Nudges and the Sametab Workspace App.

Tip! We recommend you to use a square PNG cropped to the edges of your logo and up to 120 x 120 pixels.

Workspace name

Each Organization workspace needs its own logo. The default name will be your company domain name.

In previously illustrated case, that’d be “Founderhub”. Since Sametab won’t be able to recognize any conventional name convetion (FounderHub, founderhub, Founderhub) we recommend you to customize as soon as possibile to match your company identity.

write-new-sametab-announcement less-small-img

Workspace domain lockdown

The Email lock-down happens at the creation of the workspace. Sametab automatically locks down the email domain of the first users and make sure that only users with the same email domain can automatically join the same workspace.

write-new-sametab-announcement less-small-img

We know that certain companies might have different internal email domain (eg., @founder.hub, etc). If that’s the case and you also want to allow people with a secondary email domain contact us and we’ll add one for you.

Create new workspaces

If you have a bigger team or department and you have the need of multiple workspaces with sub-groups, different bookmarks, and different new tab configurations, contact us.


  1. Can I create invitation only workspace?

    No. This is not availbale at this time.

  2. Can I create multiple workspace under the same organization?

    Yes. We’re closely testing this funcionality. Reach out to us to be included on our list.

  3. How many secondary email domains can I add?

    As many as you want as long we’re able to verify them. Get in touch to add additional email domains.

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