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Manage people

Managing people on the Amdin side is also pretty straigtforward.

To see all the current users of your workspace go to the People section.

The table shows your the Full name, the email address, the Groups they’re in, their Sametab role, the Status of their account and the Last seen.


There are 3 possibile status in Sametab:

Active: A user who succesfully claimed the Sametab account (see Last seen to see when is the latest interaction).

Invited: A user who has been invited but didn’t claim the account yet.

Deactivated: A users who has been removed from the workspace.

Last seen

The last seen date lets you understand when was recorded the last interaction for any given account. Interactions aren’t only views and reads events, but literally anything a user can do when opens a new tab.


  1. Who can invite people?

    Only Workspace Admins and Workspace Owners can invite people to the gloabl workspace. Group managers can invite people only to their groups.

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