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Groups Overview

Groups allow your organization to send different announcements to a different set of people. Groups are like email alias (,,, etc). We do recommend you to have a group for each company function, team or department. That’ll make very easy for you to streamline news, updates and decisions to those units.

We extensively wrote about groups in the feature area: check it out.

Manage groups

To see your current groups go to the Group section in the adiminstration area.

The table shows the Group Name, the Number of users included in the group, the Creation date of the group.

Click the option button to:

  1. Edit the name of the group
  2. Add people to the group
  3. Remove people from the group

Create a new group by clicking Create Group in the top right of the section.

Specify a Group name and select the users you want to include from the dropdown.

Just like email alias, users can be part of many groups at the same time. They will receive announcements from both groups.


  1. Will users be able to see previous announcements when I remove them from the group?

    Groups in Sametab works like dynamic groups alias. Once the user has been removed from the group he won’t be able to see all the announcements he previously received.

  2. Can users be part of multiple groups at the same time?

    Sure, you might have a Engineering manager who’s part of the Engineering group and part of the Management group at the same time.

  3. If I send an announcement to Group A and Group B and a user was part of both group, will he receive two announcements?

    No. Sametab does automated decoupling. The user will receive just one announcement.

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