Why Sametab?

Why use Sametab? Glad you asked, here are a couple of reasons:

Make sure people never miss important stuff

If you are a Slack user, you know Slack is a real-time stream of communication. You have all the context when you are in the stream. You lose the context when you are out of it.

For this reason, publishing company announcements in your Slack channel doesn't give you the confidence everyone actually read them. 

Chat tools are great for employees collaboration and real-time communications but have a low signal-to-noise ratio. Important decisions, updates, and company news are hard to distinguish in the stream of messages and get lost in the general chit-chat all the time.

Emails, on the other side of the spectrum, have the privilege to work asynchronously, but have a low signal vs. noise ratio. Inboxes are often cluttered and it's pretty easy to miss relevant things.

Alternatively, you could use the internal docs tool (Confluence, Notion, Quip) but no one goes specifically to any of those to find new information.

Sametab is a simple solution that displays the most important things in the browser new tab so they appear in front of the people until they mark them as read.

✨ High Signals-to-Noise ration
✨ A reserved channel for important announcement drive more attention
✨ Your teammates don't need to learn, use or download a new tool

Foster alignment and transparency

A huge and hard part of building a successful company is keeping people focused and aligned on the same page.

Sametab helps you do just that. It lets you easily share important information: from new company OKRs, recent company or team decisions, strategic frameworks, strategy memos, company product updates, Sametab has all you need to always keep your team members on the same page.

By constantly showing what leadership cares, you make sure everyone is aligned around what matters.

No one is left behind.

✨ Let the important stuff percolate down into your organization
✨ Share OKRs, Company or Team goals, Board Meeting Deck, Note meeting and increase alignment

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