What is Sametab?

The What

Sametab is a lightweight way to broadcast important communication within your organization. 

Whether your primary communication tool is Slack, Workplace or emails you might have the feeling that those medium aren't the best for company-wide announcements. Important information can easily get lost in the noise and people miss it.

You need a virtual bulletin board: a simple place for global announcements, weekly team reports, and meeting summaries. This is where Sametab comes in handy.

Sametab offers a lightweight experience to send and consume important announcements for organizations.

The How

With Sametab you can streamline important announcements straight to the browser New Tab of all your team members and ensure nobody misses a thing.

Sametab offers you a simple Chrome Extension that everyone in your organization needs to install. Managers can manage announcements from a simple web application.

If you'd like to get started, you can  signup here  or you can read our Getting Started guides to  Sametab  here.

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