Launching Sametab

If you're interested in creating a new account for your team or your entire organization, this guide was designed with you in mind. If you'd like a refresher before you get going, don't miss our What is Sametab and Why you should Sametab.

Or, if you actually want to join an existing organization, perhaps our Getting started for new users guide is where you want to be instead!

What you'll find below are your four steps for readiness:

Step 1: Create an account & Complete the Onboarding

If you decided to get started on Sametab to broadcast important info internally, you've come to the right place.

To get started, go here and get a Sametab account – it's just easy as it sounds.

Just a few notes here:

1. You have to signup with your organization email address
2. Complete the onboarding process and Install the Chrome Extension
3. Get access to the admin web application

The onboarding process is designed as a quick tour of the product to let you bootstrap your account and create your first announcement draft.

If you've completed the last step, ta-da! You are now the Owner of your Sametab account.

We designed Sametab for simplicity and immediacy, so there are actually very few concepts that you need to understand. Keep reading.

Step 2: Set up account and organization brand 

By this time you should have access as an owner of the Sametab account of your company and installed our Chrome Extension on your browser.

How to quickly check? Just open a new tab and see whether you see Sametab's New Tab.

First, set up your personal profile:

1. Set a profile pic (128 x 128 if you want to look good)
2. Set your role (ie. VP of Engineering)
3. Set your twitter handle if you have one
4. Set your pronoun
5. Set a short Bio (how you are and what you like)
6. Add your time zone (this will help team members see where you are located)

Profiles info will be shown when you publish new announcements.

Second, set up your company branding:

1. Upload your company logo & set your company name

Upload a good quality company logo. We'll show your company logo in the left bar menu of the New Tab of all your teammates.

Your company name won't be visible but we'll use it in the email invitation to let your team members what is the company that they have to join on Sametab. 

2. In case you have additional email domains, add them

If you have multiple email domains (ie. and you can add them here. People who will sign up for Sametab with both domains will be included under your company. To add more than one email domains you should contact us

Step 2: Invite members to join your Sametab organization

Now that the setup basics are completed, it’s time onboard your team or your company. Keep in mind, Sametab has been designed from the ground up as a product to distribute top-down knowledge and not as a collaborative tool. To use Sametab at its full potential you should have as many members as you can. "Unlimited members" is also included in our Free Tier Plan. By default, any Admins or Owners can invite new members.

There are two ways to invite new members to your workspace:

1. Invite them via email

It’s as easy as it sounds! Just enter an email address, along with the full name of the person you’d like to invite. Go here to do just that.

2. Email domain

Email signups are enabled by default on Sametab. Anyone with an approved email address domain is able to create an account and join your existing organization on Sametab. They won't be added to any specific group. Announcements sent to "Everyone" will be visible to anyone with a verified email address domain.

Step 4: Write the first announcement

Once everyone in your company has an "activate" Sametab account (you can easily check that under Admin > People) you are ready to publish a new announcement. If you publish an announcement before people signed up for an account they won't see the announcement in their "Unread" tab, simply because the announcement wasn't targeted to them.

We prepared a quick boilerplate that you can use to quickly explain what this new product is about. We prepared you a boilerplate in your onboarding process, feel free to change it a be creative.

Check out here how to configure announcements and how to maximize your use of the new editor.

Step 5: Organize your members in groups

If your organization is large enough chances are that you want to send specific announcements to specific groups, internal teams or departments. This is why created Groups.

From the groups' section (Admin > Groups) you can send team-specific announcements.

Step 6: Get a dose of inspiration

If you're wondering what might be your second announcement we've got your back. You can check out our Sametab Examples to see some of the use cases that people are currently using Sametab for.

Those might vary depending on your industry, your product, your internal process, your personnel and more.

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