How to Create an Announcement?

Effective communication is the backbone of any organization. Sametab makes it easy to send important messages in the New Tab of all your team members so that nobody will miss anything.

Only Owners and Admins can manage announcements in Sametab. Under Announcements hit the "Create Announcement" button.

You'll see a Note page where you write. Check out here the full guide about our editor works.

After you're done, writing the announcement, you can:

1. Publish immediately
2. Schedule it in the future
3. Save it as a draft and come back later

Announcement configuration

🚩 Status

You'll find four possible status:

1. Published
2. Scheduled
3. Draft


A published announcement it's an announcement that has been published to the New Tab. Published announcement can't b edited anymore, just like emails: be careful before sending them.

You can set the announcements visibility to send announcements only to specific internal teams, departments or groups. 


A scheduled announcement is an announcement that is scheduled to be published at any time in the future. The announcement will be published according to the publish date of the person who posted. We follow her timezone. To edit a scheduled announcement you have to first unscheduled and then edit it.



A Draft announcement is one that hasn't published yet. A draft can always be edited at a later time.

🗓️ Publish date

The published date lets you schedule announcement in the future. The default is set to "immediately". Your announcement will be immediately visible to all your team members.

👀 Visible to

You can configure here the recipients of your announcements. By selecting "All members", you are sending this to everyone in Sametab.

If you have groups configured you can make announcements visible only to certain teams or departments.

✔️ Mark as read

If you activate mark as read, people in your team can notify they poster when they actually read something.

Learn more about mark as read

😀 Reactions

If you activate reactions, people in your team can react to company announcements with 5 different emoji.

Learn more about reactions.


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