Guide to the New Sametab

We're thrilled to introduce you to the new version of Sametab! We've been working hard for months to take Sametab to a whole new level.

Here are the highlights of this release:

→ A New logo
→ Unread and All Announcements
→ New announcement page layout
→ Manager Profiles
→ Introducing Groups
→ A New Editor for Announcements
→ Introducing Scheduled Announcement
→ Introducing Mark as Read
→ Introducing Reaction

A New logo

We set out to make a distinctive and playful new Sametab logo. With Sametab 2.0 we’re launching a new logo, as we start to refresh our look in general.

Unread section

In Sametab 2.0 we are introducing the Unread section. This acts as a lightweight inbox. Everything that you publish goes here. Announcements and posts will persist in the Unread section as long as they aren't marked as read.

When you marked as read all your new announcements, your New Tab will change accordingly.

New announcement page layout

Reading announcements in a single page wasn't the best experience. We get it. Admin's announcements now take the full page. Simpler and more direct.

Team members will also be able to see who is the poster of the announcements. If you are a manager or an admin in Sametab please make sure you fill out your profile.

All Announcements

The All Announcements section is where everyone in your company can re-read previous announcements. This acts as a feed. Use it to see what are the most important things that happened in your company or your team in the last month or the last quarter.

Introducing Groups

Create Groups based on team, departments, locations, time zones, to broadcast different announcements to different people.

Groups visibility is also shown in the New Tab. Hover the group icon to see the announcement's visibility.

A New Editor for Announcements

We radically changed our announcements editor. We the new announcement editor you will be able to write longer, thoughtful and more comprehensive announcements.

1. Support to markdown syntax
2. You can upload images and videos
4. Create task list
5. Add emojis
6. Mention specific people in your team
7. Supports keyboard shortcuts

Introducing Scheduled Announcement

Sometimes you just want to be able to schedule things. With Sametab 2.0, you will be able to publish posts on a specific future date.

Introducing Mark as Read

Always see who is aligned with your announcements by asking people to confirm when they read them. Keep track of who marked your announcements as read and see who is sync and who's not.

Learn more here to see how the mark-as-read works.

Introducing Emoji Reactions

Recipients can quickly respond to any announcement on Sametab with an emoji reaction. Reactions can be used for any purpose: voting, checking off to-do items, showing excitement — and just for fun. ✨


We hope you'll enjoy this new release, for feedback, thoughts or ideas just send us an email at
or use the feedback box in our web app.


The Sametab Team


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