Getting started for new members

If you are a member of a company or a team that recently decided to start using Sametab, you've come to the right place and this guide was written with you in mind. We'll keep it short and sweet.

1. Members

Want to join an existing organization or team on Sametab? You're in the right place, read on!

2. Managers and Admins

You are an admin or a manager and want to understand how to bring your organization on Sameta, we've created this guide for just for owner and admins.

Step 1 — Join a Sametab organization

Whether you had received an email invitation or not, you can join your company or your team on Sametab with a verified email address. That's it.

All you have to do is sign up here with your corporate email address. If we detect an existing company associated with your email address domain, you'll be automatically redirected to their workspace and included in their team. You will have to complete a quick onboarding that will guide you through the completion of your profile (filling out your Sametab profile helps other members of Sametab learn more about you when other people will mention your name in a new announcement) and the installation of the Sametab Browser Extension.

Step 2 — Sametab Browser Extension 🗣️

Once you install the browser extension, all you have to do is:

1. Open a Browser New Tab and see the Sametab Default New Tab

2. Sign in with the account that you've previously created.

Step 3 — Select your favorite Sametab theme

Every time a new company announcement is sent, we'll display the message over the layout that you selected. Click on the announcement card, mark it as read to go back to the empty view. You can easily activate the mode that you prefer by clicking the settings icon (bottom-right).

Sametab New Tab comes in three different modes:

1. Default

New announcements will be displayed here, in the Unread section. When you click on a new announcement and you mark it as read, it will be removed from your New Tab.

2. Wallpaper

If you select the wallpaper mode, we'll display a new landscape background each day. New unread announcements will be displayed in cards that you can click. When you mark the announcement as read, we remove your unread tab.

In the wallpaper mode, Bookmarks are shortened and only visible by icon

3. Google Chrome Default

For those who simply prefer the Chrome Default New Tab, they can easily pick these theme. Like in the other themes, new unread announcements will be displayed in cards over the layout that you selected. When you mark the announcement as read, we remove your unread tab and you go back to the original layout.

In the Chrome Default mode, Bookmarks are displayed under the Google logo and time zones aren't available

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