How to deploy Sametab with Google Apps for business

If your organization use Google Apps for business, you can automatically install (or force-install) specific Chrome extensions for users in your organization.

Users see these apps and extensions in their Chrome Browser, or on devices running Chrome OS, when they're signed in to a managed Google Account, such as G Suite.

Here what you need to do in order to install Sametab globally across your organization in less than 1 minute. See this Video Tutorial or read on and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Access to the admin section of your Google Suite.

Step 2

Click on the "Device management" panel.

Step 3

Now click on the left menu, "Chrome management".

Step 4

Now, select "App management".


Step 5

Search – on the left menu – for the app Sametab in the Chrome app store. Once you find it, select it.

Step 6

Go to "Users settings", select your organization and then toggle the "Force installation" parameter. Eventually, save the configuration.

This will deploy in less than a few minutes the Sametab chrome extension on Chrome across the devices of all your organization. 

Step 7

To make sure it has been installed correctly by the organization, click this link chrome://extensions/ and then select the Sametab Chrome extension. You should see – like in the screenshot below – that the app has been installed by "enterprise policy". 

Now every employee in your organization will see the Sametab New Tab when they open a new browser tab. You'll have to make sure they sign-in with their verified email address to get in and see your announcements.
If you have doubts, please reach out to us on our live-chat or shoot an email at

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