Does Sametab have a Mobile Application?

Sametab Mobile Application both for iOS and Android is under development. Customers will have access to the preview of our mobile application before organizations in the Free Plan.

What the mobile app will do?

The Sametab mobile app has the main goal of making Sametab really dialed in on mobile. The upcoming mobile application intends to:

1. Facilitate managers in writing announcements

Managers will be able to write and/or record announcements directly from their mobile phones. This will allow them to really embed Sametab communication flows in their existing workflow.

2. Making easier for employees to read them

In a world where everyone carries a phone in his pocket, a huge part of content consumption happens on mobile. To be truly effective Sametab needs to be on your employee's phone. Employees and team members will be able to read announcements directly on their phones.

If you have questions or would love to have a preview, don't hesitate to contact us on our real-time chat or via email at


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