How to get your team onboard without Google Apps

If your organization use Google Suite, this is the guide you should be reading.

If your organization doesn't use Google Suite, don't worry – you're going to be able to deploy Sametab pretty easily anyway and here's what you have to do.

Sametab uses your email domain to authorize people who work in the same organization read the same announcements after they've installed the Chrome extension.

This means that even if you can't force the automatic installation on the Chrome browser of your co-workers like with Google Suite, you're still going to be able to onboard your whole company/team pretty easily.

Here's what we'd like you to recommend doing:

1. Install the Chrome extension on every company device

Send a Slack message (or an email) to all your company members and tell them to install the Sametab Chrome extension. You can either send a link to our website ( so they know what to expect or send a link directly to the Chrome App (


2. Tell them to signup

After they installed the Chrome extension they also have to signup with their company email. To do that, all they have to do is open a New Tab and hit the signup button.

Users will be redirected to our web application. After they sign up (with their verified corporate email) they'll be quickly guided to through our onboarding process.

3. Check who is onboard in your Team

To see who is onboard and is actually seeing your announcements, go the Admin Panel and under People, you'll see a Status column. People who signed up are flagged as Activated.

That's it – Congrats!

If you have any questions or doubts please don't hesitate to contact in our real-time chat or via email at We're happy to help.

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